Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From Allen: 12-31-12
Hey, it was really great to talk to you on Sunday and to hear that you are all doing good, even though I only got to talk to everyone for like 2 minutes. I guess not a lot of people follow the 40 minute rule, because most people were talking to their families like all day that day. That’s okay I think I try to follow it anyways.

This past week me and my comp are doing great we have some great investigators we have a baptism this Saturday with a lady that we have been teaching. And we have another one on the 19th if the husband can come to church these next couple weeks. The wife is awesome and she loves church and stuff only he has problems with why the people who aren`t looking for god have good lives and he is having problems so we have to find a way to help him understand that. And I thought we had figured it out but the way we answered his question it didn´t really work cause he still had the same problem.  hopefully we can figure it out and he can get baptized cause his wife wants to its all ways on him though cause they say they don`t want to be going to like a bunch of different places and worshiping and stuff so hopefully we can get him to feel the spirit enough to do what he need to do.

Other than that really we haven`t had a lot else this week, we have this one teenager kid who loves coming with us and he loves the gospel. I can`t wait for him to be a missionary cause he is going to be great. His name is Emilio Guzman he helps us a lot in lessons and he knows pretty much all of the investigators and recent converts and everything.

One good scripture I like about the spirit is in D&C 8:2-3 about how we have the same spirit as Moses that he used to part the red sea and all we need to do is to believe and that have the faith that he did. It’s kind of weird how everything in the gospel comes back to faith cause you can`t read or pray without faith and you can`t really do anything cause faith the action of doing anything the gospel and without it we have literally nothing. That’s something that we can never stress enough in missionary work cause the people can listen to us and read the scriptures and go to church, but really without prayer we literally cannot receive an answer or a feeling or nada really. So faith is the thing that the whole gospel revolves around.

Elder Cox

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