Tuesday, April 23, 2013


April 15, 2013

Dear Family,

Sorry about last week so I tried to send it one computer and it didn´t work so I went to another one and i sent it and I thought it worked, but I guess it didn´t so sorry. Well I am fine I feel like 100 percent better, but this week was kinda crappy.

We didn´t do horrible but on Thursday we were planning on having a baptism, we had it all planned and everything. The person who was going to baptize him was at the church waiting all day and we went to his house cause his mom had to fill out some papers and she had left for work when she said she wasn´t going to and so we waited there for like 3 hours and she never showed up and all of the jovens were there waiting for him and so that was really kind of crappy and now we can´t find him and every time we go to talk to her she is busy and doesn´t want to talk to us.

The wedding we still are working on it. He left today for Mexico so get his papers so that’s cool. So we are hoping that we can be able to get them baptized on the 27 of this month, so good news and bad news of this week.

We are still working with the other kids of the Monterroso family and so they only have to go to church one more time one of them to be able to get baptized and the other one is still listening to us but we can´t get him to pray and we really need to cause he will then know he doesn´t think God will answer him.

It’s okay that you called the office but you shouldn´t call me for any reason cause that could get me in trouble and I don´t want to get in trouble.

So if you haven´t sent the package yet you should send me my little backpack that I left, the Hurley one, and if you could buy me a little container of oil to like put on a keychain that would be nice cause I don´t have any container of oil.

Well other than that I am doing good, sorry about last week. I love you guys. You should send me the picture that we took at my farewell cause the truth is I have no pictures of my family. Just the ones that Ang and Becca and Jenae have sent me and people always ask me for pics so if you could do me the favor.

Thanks for all you do.

Love, Elder Cox

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