Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From Allen letter 12-24-12a

Jeeze, Mom, now they’re all going to think I’m a momma’s boy! Just kidding, no I’m good. The reason we didn´t get to write was because there were like 200 missionaries leaving the CCM and they only have like 10 computers so there was not enough space or time. No one ever asked me to give them your emails or anything so I don’t think they do that anymore. All is well. I am learning a lot and yes we will talk tomorrow. I love you guys all so much.


From Allen letter 12-24-12b‏


Yeah, I´m in the field and doing well. My companion is Elder Lizardo. He is from Honduras he has been in the mission for 11 months. He is a great missionary. I realize now that I don’t actually understand as much as I thought I did in Spanish, but there are people in my district that have only been here for like 3 months and they already speak it pretty well. Me and me comp are opening a new area it is called Lo DE Fuentes 2 so we really know nothing about it, it’s kind of hard but we are doing well. We`ve already got 3 baptismal dates and I can`t wait cause one of the ladies said she wanted me to do the baptism so I guess I better learn the prayer in Spanish. It’s okay cause I have 2 weeks. I’m pretty sure I can do it. Also we have another family with a date and they are a man named Walter and his wife Christy. He is having a hard time believing in God because of all the bad things that are happening to him, but he says if he does know he will be baptized. So that’s good.

I haven´t had a ton of time here in the field so I don´t have a ton of news but yes I did get your package and I also got a package from Jenae. I think you’re fine sending stuff here. Mexico and Guate are different so I think you’re good here.

Our house that we live in has no hot water and the toilet is broken so those are some pretty cool things but it’s okay cause at least we have a place to live, and we have investigators also and since this is a new area those are some good things.

So tomorrow you guys are going to have to call me at like 7 our time so I think that’s 6 your time at this number 502-3012-7450 and if that doesn`t work then I don’t really know what to tell you. But I’m pretty sure it will work.

I hope you guys check your email tonight. If not then I don´t really know what to say. So yeah just read the email today. Thanks for all the presents and stuff. I haven´t opened them yet but I will tomorrow and when you call we´ll talk about that I guess. Yeah so since I am talking to you tomorrow and I don´t have a lot to talk about I´ll talk to you later.

Love Elder Cox


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