Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decmember 1st, 2012

From Allen December 1, 2012
I haven’t gotten the package yet. Actually I leave the CCM a week early because they don’t do transfers on the week of Christmas so I’ll talk to you in the field of the mission home one of the two. It was really nice to read Joshes letter I have only gotten one letter the whole time I have been here and it was sent before I left the last MTC. It’s actually helping me I think because I am staying a lot more focused in the things I need to do. It would be kind of nice to get them every once in a while though. Yeah I have seen Annie a few times.  Yeah she leaves on Tuesday I believe for the field.

This last week we did some cool stuff we got both of our fake investigators to commit to baptism. Our investigators are our teachers and she helped us in our companion study and then when we taught the investigator (who was really her) we used almost exactly what she taught us and we got a baptismal commitment. This week I went to the distribution center. Garments here cost like 60 cents in dollars. It’s pretty awesome so instead of washing I just go buy new ones... just kidding, but I have bought some.

 Also this past week I have been thinking a lot about how hard it is out here but I was reading in D&C 122 where God is talking to Joseph Smith and I remembered in my talk and it also says in there "the Son of Man hath descended below them all, Art though greater then he?" and so I wrote that on my planner and I remember it every single day.

So earlier this week I felt like I had hit a wall with Spanish. Like I couldn’t remember anymore but then literally yesterday we learned the past tenses of all the verbs. If you don’t get that ask ben, cause I don’t have time to explain it. But I just got it and it stuck and I am remembering again and stuff. I really love the mission and I can’t wait to actually get out and start helping real people. I really want to. I hope I can change the life of some people because the best part of my week is always when we do contacts at the temple and it’s with real people and I can help them for real.

Um, I don’t really know for Christmas I guess you could send me some cool ties paisley if you know what that is if not then just some cool ties that you think are cool. Also when you send me stuff for Christmas you’ll have to send it to the field and I guess that’s the mission home.

Also this week I have had some good times me and my companion have really grown together in our lessons and are starting to get along really well. I hope I can do that with all of my companions cause with my first one it was so easy this one has been a little harder but I like it.

Love you guys, gotta go!
Love, Elder Cox

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