Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November 17th, 2012 Letter

This place is cerazy awesome I love it but it isnt anything like the
 provo mtc they made me cut my hair even thoug it wasnt long. my new
 teachers are hermana Herrera and hermano galvez i have a new district
 and a knew companion my comps name is Elder Brewer he is from
 washington. today we didnt know when our time for computers were so we
 missed our first 10 minutes of it cause no one told us. so i only have
 20 minutes instead of a half an hour. we had some good talks before we
 came here on sunday a guy talked to us about the the main thing is to
 keep the main thing the main thing. he talked about how we want to
 have people get baptized but thats not the main thing the main thing
 is to let them know that you love them and want to develop a stronger
 faith in christ. If you want to send me stuff heres the adress and
 have Ang put it on my face book one more time its

 Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71 Vista
 Hermosa I, Zona 15, Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A. and they said you
 don´t need to do anything with pictures and stuff just make sure that
 you put my full name like Elder Allen Cox with both elder and my first
 name when you send stuff because if you do this then they won´t do
 anything bad with it cause they know its for a missionary and so
 they´ll send it to me without stealing stuff. make sure sure everyone
 knows that. I have knew roomates they are latinos they are hilarious
 I already love them they always try to quote movies and stuff in
 english and its so funny it makes me wonder if my accent sounds that
 bad when i speak spanish, but they understand me so i guess its
 alright. I am learning alot i am getting alot faster at knowing
 spanish. but they still talk fast and I don´t get alot of it but when
 they talk slow i get it. well my time is almost up so i gotta go but i
 love you guys. ill have more timenext week to tell you more.

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