Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November 24th, 2012

> Im doing well. The spanish comes alot easier here. i have 4 latino
> roomates that all only speak spanish and nothing else so i have to
> speak it so thats good. my companion isnt as good spanish as my last
> one so its making me work harder to understand i think its a blessing
> in disguise. Its great to hear that everyone came for thanksgiving i
> wonder how josh is doing i cant really email him anymore because they
> like monitor who we write and it can only be family now it would be
> nice if you could like forword him my emails and me his if thats
> possible? also the food is so so so good here I love it so much one
> thing i might actually need is contact solution i had one that i
> thought would last me but i leaked on the way here. no damage was done
> but now like theres not as much contact solution i may be able to get
> it here ill have to ask someone to get it for me or ask if anyone has
> any i could buy from them or something but if you could send some that
> would be great. the heat down here right now is like non existent its
> like 75 from like 9-9 but before and after its a little chilly but not
> like jacket status. so i met this Elder from the Dominican Repblic
> that says he knows garret ask him if he know an Alberto Ovalle I
> thought that was pretty cool this past week I think I have learned
> more spanish then i did in the whole time at the provo MTC the latinos
> love to help some of them are sometimes sarcastic with me and tell me
> every thing is an almuada aka pillow, but they usually help me most of
> our roomates are from peru but none of them know chris. Isnt that
> where went? Chris Wood i mean i might be completely wrong but oh well.
> tuesday we went to the temple and they do the whole thing in spanish
> but they gave us headphones but some people didnt use them i did cause
> they told us to but i think next time if i have a choice i wont use
> them. Also we do this thing here were we go over by the temple and
> talk to people as they walk by contacting is what its called. but
> yesterday while we were doing it we talked to this lady and she seemed
> really interested and she gave us here name and number and address and
> said she wanted to learn more. we also gave here a LBM or BOM but in
> spanish. its really encouraging to do that cause it makes me realize
> that i can understand alot of spanish more then i think i can cause i
> was really scared to talk to people cause i was afraid i wouldnt
> understand but i actually undrstand like 3/4 of what the people say.
> sorry for the really crappy grammer, but these keyboards are weird and
> im not used to it yet so im just writing anyway and hoping you
> understand. Oh ive also noticed that i cant spell in english anymore
> so yeah thats kind of somethin thats going wrong. um what else
> happened Oh i play alot of soccer these days actually everyday. I
> didnt realize how much i had learned in my 3 years of soccer but i am
> not to bad of course almost all of the latinos are better then me but
> they said im the best of the nortes here so i guess thats an
> acomplishment. Yes the food is way good i havent even gotten sick yet
> like everyone says i will i hope i dont well i gotta go love
> you bye

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