Tuesday, April 23, 2013


April 22, 2013


Dear Family,


That’s awesome that mom did good on her talk, I knew she would. I remembered that you asked me for something to help you when I had shut down the computer and so I didn´t put anything in. Sorry. I´m sure it was good without my help cause what do I know about eternal families I am still working on my preparation part.


That’s sad to hear that Dan died you don´t know what happened to him at all he was just gone or what? What horse am I going to ride when I get back now?


I really disliked mowing also, but if it’s what you gotta do to get money it’s what you gotta do right?


Ask the Sisiters how they like being in a trio cause for me I loved it cause I feel we worked harder cause there was always one of us that really wanted to work and one other that was like " Okay your right that’s what we need to do so we got a lot more done then before.


This week was good we are finally getting into a groove, but I don´t really know how I like getting in a groove cause I feel like that we aren´t doing alot and then when I take the dats on sunday I´m like WOW we did get a lot done this week, the only problem is the success cause no one wants to come to church. We will have a baptism on the 4th of May and a wedding the same day. He has traveled to Mexico 2 times to be able to work it all out and to be able to get it all in place. So now they just have to publish it in the newspaper and wait for a week. So we will have it the next Saturday. I hope I don´t have changes cause that would really suck, but I guess whatever the Lord has planned will pass cause he knows what they need and what I need to make me a stronger member and to make them also stronger members.


This week we have found a ton of new investigators the only problem is that none of them came to church this week. So we have to get them to come to church. The kid who we had ready to be baptized his family is getting kicked out of there house, so they have to move and so that has been the problem that they have had. We tried to help them to look for houses, but we still haven´t found much cause where they are right now is really cheap and there isn´t a place cheaper than that anywhere.


Joven means young so the youth were at the church waiting for him. We have still been working with the Monterroso and they are good just that they haven´t come to church the one youngest. So it’s really hard. They all said next week. That’s what everyone always says sunday after the meeting is over. So we´ll have to see what happens. Just keep praying for them and we are going to work in taking more young men there with us cause I think they just don´t feel comfortable with them so they just need more friends and for them to invite them.


We have been working with one lady for a while. Her name is Edelmira and she has the same problem she just can´t come to church so we need to find a way for her. The other family there are 2 sisters I don´t know if I have told you about them the Masariegos sisters. One of them has to start working and she told us she had received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true and everything and so it’s so hard if they get an answer they have a problem with the temporal things to be able to progress. If they don´t have temporal problems they have spiritual problems like knowing its true and some of them just have both of the problems.


It’s just hard to find the people who are ready to receive it and that are willing to confront these problems and take them on and get it done cause they don´t understand the importance and that is another thing that is hard to teach cause we can´t just tell them " this is important" they have to try it. And they just won´t.


Well that’s all that has happened this week. Working hard, being frustrated and then feeling relieved and then over and over again I think that’s the way life is though so I´ll just have to get used to it.


About the backpack I thought so to, but it doesn´t matter a lot what kind of backpack is I just want that one cause its smaller this one is really big and I want it. I asked my zone leader and they said I could so I am just going to use it if you can send it to me please. That’s all I really have to say.

Thank you for all the love and for everything you do for me.


Elder Cox

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