Friday, November 2, 2012

First Letters!

First Hand Written Letter

Thanks Yeah i hope we do to i don't know though cause theres alot of people here. i guess I'll have to look for him. I am doing great i really like The MTC but the food is gross! it makes me feel sick most days and i poop alot! Thats awesome you got a deer! thats really cool that there were investigators! on friday me and elder Nielson had to teach a lesson in espanol it was really hard. on sunday i watched a talk by elder bednar about the characteristics of christ and it was so so good! I can do alot more in espanol now i can bear my testimony not super well but i can do it. and i can pray! the schedule isnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be. the spirit is so so strong and i feel it every single day! i dont have a tone of time to email cause we only have a half an hour and i didnt know that so i didn't plan my time wisely next week i'll so better promise!

me testimonio en espanol
Yo se jesucristo es el Salvador, yo se joseph smith is un profeta verdadero. theres more but i dont remember it all

Love, Elder Cox

Second Hand Written Letter.

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